(10N 11D)

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Your Selected Tour - PARADISE SRILANKA
(10N 11D)

DAY 01 <br>(Airport/Colombo)</br>

DAY 01 (Airport/Colombo)
DAY 02 (Colombo/Anuradhapura)

DAY 02 (Colombo/Anuradhapura)
DAY 03 (Anuradhapura/Jaffna)

DAY 03 (Anuradhapura/Jaffna)
DAY 04 <br>(Jaffna)</br>

DAY 04 (Jaffna)
DAY 05 <br> (Jaffna/Trincomalee)</br>

DAY 05 (Jaffna/Trincomalee)
DAY 06 <br> (Trincomalee)</br>

DAY 06 (Trincomalee)
DAY 07 <br>(Trincomalee/Baticalo)</br>

DAY 07 (Trincomalee/Baticalo)
DAY 08 <br>(Baticalo/Arugam Bay)</br>

DAY 08 (Baticalo/Arugam Bay)
DAY 09 <br> (Arugam Bay)</br>

DAY 09 (Arugam Bay)
DAY 10 <br>(Arugam Bay/Colombo)</br>

DAY 10 (Arugam Bay/Colombo)
DAY 11 <br>(Depature)</br>

DAY 11 (Depature)