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Lanka Isite (Pvt) Ltd in Sri Lanka launched its operation in December 2016, with the intention of developing a new era of Sri Lankan tourism and passion to serve the new generation of travellers. We help our clients to make most of their dream tour during their valuable time in Sri Lanka. Our vision is to provide unique, quality and valuable travel products to the world. So we launched our travel services in 2018 as "isite.lk" a free mobile application. We are providing and arranging One Day Tours, Popular Tours, Food Tours, Accommodation and Activities in Sri Lanka. It provides tourism related information and travellers can tailor-made their packages as they wish.

As a new trend in Sri Lanka's tourism industry, we are introducing 'Freedom Tour' packages for the people who would like to explore the country and culture freely. The main objectives of this are to cater new trend of tourism and to provide guidance to the back packers who wish to travel freely (especially families and elderly travellers) to enjoy the best of their travels safely and securely in Sri Lanka. We aim to minimize the problems these backpacker face such as lack of knowledge of internal transport facilities, difficulty in finding the right locations, time constraining, overcharging issues and language problems.

With the help of our experienced and talented guides, backpackers will be able to enjoy their expected Sri Lanka tour without any hassle. Our guides will help to make their journey comfortable by directing them to the right place and guiding them to avoid over-charging and cheating. Travellers can travel by public transport or Tuk- Tuk. They can stay in Home Stays, Airbnb or any Informal Accommodations as they wish. Also they can enjoy foods and beverages anywhere. Our new service facility enables backpacking travellers to enjoy their time in Sri Lanka cost effectively, time efficiently and securely. They will be able to experience true local life style and the culture.